Avizia Announces Launch of Educator: Take control of large video conferencing rooms with Avizia’s Educator solution and mobile iOS app

Avizia has introduced its new Educator solution, which is designed to reinvent how video conferencing rooms are controlled by making the process simple, comprehensive and intuitive. Avizia formally launched its Educator product at InfoComm 2013, the largest commercial audiovisual trade show, being held here at the Orange County Convention Center through June 14.

“Video conferencing can be a powerful tool for connecting any organization, but traditional video conferencing rooms are so complex they typically require dedicated facilitators to handle setting up and managing the dizzying array of layouts, displays, cameras, projectors and remotes,” said Mike Baird, CEO of Avizia. “Our goal with the Educator product is to dramatically simplify the experience in video conferencing rooms, so that users can focus on presenting or teaching without the technology getting in the way.”

The Avizia Educator is a controller-and-software solution that lets users manage all the devices in a video conferencing room – including video codecs and cameras, document cameras, projectors, projector screens and displays – using an app on an iPad or, in the future, other mobile devices. Advantages of the Avizia Educator include:

  • Touch-based control with drag-and-drop simplicity: Control any of the video conferencing devices in a room, switch between multiple input sources on the fly and share desired content quickly and easily.
  • Flexibility and consistency: The same intuitive interface controls almost any video conferencing room, from large auditoriums to small team rooms, providing uniform user experience and support across the entire organization.
  • Setup and maintenance wizard: Configure a room and get it working smoothly in minutes rather than the hours or days it can take using traditional management tools for high-end video conferencing rooms.
  • Familiar mobile devices: Untether presenters from the table or podium and let them focus on the presentation or lecture, not on video conferencing technology.

Avizia developed the Educator in close partnership with key users from education and industry. One of these users is Lance Ford, Ph.D., a Howe, Oklahoma, teacher and the president of the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association. He said: “As a teacher who relies on video conferencing technology to give me and my students access to resources we couldn’t otherwise get here in southeast Oklahoma, the Educator means I’ll be able to focus on creating a great experience for my students and not worrying about the technology.”

The Educator app will be available first on iOS for iPad and later for additional platforms. Learn more about the Educator.

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