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Behavioral Health Therapists

Online Care Group is looking for qualified behavioral health therapists to join our team.

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What You Get


Revenue Without Overhead

We pay you for each visit and handle all billing and collections, with opportunities to earn extra bonuses (in select states). We even include malpractice insurance coverage.


See Patients on your Schedule

You have the flexibility to set your own hours. You can make yourself available online at your convenience and accept or decline new patient visit requests as you see fit.


Training and Support

Participate in the same programs used to train clinicians at top medical institutions to earn a “Certificate of Telehealth.” You’ll also be provided with access to our telemedicine community, including private clinical discussion boards, clinical guidelines, and live 24×7 support.


Technology to Use with Your Own Patients

See your existing patients using our HIPAA-compliant mobile software. Be one of the first to sign up, and you’ll enjoy free access!

What You Provide



Make yourself available on our systems for a minimum of 10 hours per month, as it may suit your calendar. During this time, you can still accept or decline new patient visits as you see fit. You will also be able to schedule follow-up visits at your convenience.


Adherence to Policies and Guidelines

By becoming part of the Online Care Group, you agree to maintain licensure and board certification, abide by current clinical practice guidelines and policies, as well as follow state regulations regarding the practice of telehealth. Additionally, you must complete the training and certification program, and participate in ongoing training in order to remain an active provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Online Care Group?

The Online Care Group is a physician owned medical group that practices exclusively on American Well’s telehealth platforms (video-based web and mobile). At this time, we have Board Certified Pediatricians, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Internal Medicine physicians practicing on the system across 47 states; 24/7/365. We also have a 50-state Behavioral Health practice (staffed by PhD’s, Psy.D’s, LMFT’s and LCSW’s) and a Nutrition practice (staffed by registered dieticians).


What types of patients do you treat?

Our Behavioral Health practice was developed with the goal of treating a wide variety of patients who are encountering life challenges and diagnoses. Some examples of common presentations include:

  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Anxiety spectrum disorders (GAD, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder)
  • PTSD and other trauma-related concerns
  • ADHD
  • Relationship/family and life cycle issues
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia and other sleep related issues
  • Stress

Due to the varying severities of mental health diagnoses, there are some patients who we refer for community based care.


What types of treatment modalities do you use?

Our clinicians utilize multiple treatment modalities in their practice such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Short Term, Solution Focused Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Exposure and Response Prevention
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy

Providers with skills and interests in current, evidenced based practice interventions are ideal for the Online Care Group.


What qualifications do you need to apply?

The Online Care Group has several fundamental requirements for candidates:

  • Doctoral level Clinical Psychologist with an active license
  • At least 5 years post licensure experience
  • Experience treatment patients in an outpatient setting
  • Experience treating a diverse patient population is a plus


How do we document?

Providers document their visits on the American Well telehealth platform itself. In order to complete each visit electronically, the online clinical documentation must be completed within 24 hours of each visit.


How does the scheduling work? How many hours are expected?

American Well’s latest technology allows providers to see patients using Apple’s IOS devices (iPhone or iPad). You can sign on whenever you’re free to see new patients’ on-demand. After your first visit with a patient, you and the patient can schedule follow-up visits at your convenience.


What is the on-boarding/training process?

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be asked to complete onboarding documents and credentialing paperwork and then participate in online training as reflected the chart below:


What brand/type of mobile device is needed in order to practice?

A mobile Apple device, preferably an iPad, but the technology will work on an iPhone, with the iOS 8.0 or later software.


When you are practicing on the system, what resources are available to you?

When providers are on the system, they are able to contact our Network Operations Center; a 24/7 support team for any physician on the system. The Network Operations team can assist with anything from technology questions to assisting with scheduling.


How technologically inclined must you be?

In order to be successful in telehealth, there is a certain level of technological skills that each provider must possess:

  • Comfortable familiarity with the Internet including web browsers
  • An ability to maneuver an iPad or iPhone including downloading and installing apps


How is quality of care maintained?

The Online Care Group has a Quality team that works with our providers to develp policies and guidelines, review visits and assoicated documentation, and provides supplemental training and feedback.


What if there’s an emergency situation?

We have the Network Operations team available to help you anytime of day, as well as policies and procedures in place to ensure that as a provider you can assist the patient in connecting with emergency care in their area.


Are there more full-time positions available?

We do not currently have full-time positions available, however when we look for provdiers to fill those spots, the first place we always look is in our pool of existing contracted providers. If you express interest in future opportunities, we will definitely consider you as a candidate.


How are patients directed to the system?

Patients access our providers directly through American Well’s platforms or receive benefits by an employer or insurance company that is contracted with Online Care Group. All billing and payment from patients is dealt with administratively and is not the responsibility of the provider.


What is the malpractice coverage?

The Online Care Group provides malpractice coverage for each visit that you have while seeing Online Care Group patients. The coverage is a claims made policy with tail coverage. More details will be provided as you move through the on-boarding process.


Online Care Group is a physician-owned medical group with a national network of U.S.-based providers that provide clinical telehealth services. Online Care Group provides clinical services via the Amwell platform to customers of American Well.