How We Support You

From intake to prescription, American Well has you covered every step of the way.

Taking Care of Intake

Taking Care of Intake

  • •  Nationwide marketing puts you in front of millions
  • •  Our intake collects medical history, medication, and vitals for you to review
  • •  We collect payment and for members of our staff we’ll also process claims
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Making Wrap-up Easy

Making Wrap-up Easy

  • •  Save common medications and ICD 10 codes to your favorites and quickly apply them to the visit
  • •  Add notes quickly by using templates
  • •  Send patient instructions and education straight from our library
  • •  Send prescriptions electronically to the patient’s pharmacy – it’s that easy
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Training on Telehealth

Training on Telehealth

  • •  Start with an e-learning on telehealth, our platform, and ‘webside manner’
  • •  Take test visits with our staff and get comfortable with the platform
  • •  Earn CME credit through Grand Rounds while honing your skills
  • •  Learn from your peers and your experience and develop a reputation as a telehealth expert
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Helping Each Other

Helping Each Other

  • •  We share data that helps you understand how other clinicians handle diagnoses, coding, and prescription choices
  • •  We have 24/7 technical support to help make it easy to use our platform
  • •  Join thousands of other clinicians in our online community. Ask questions, share stories, and discuss clinical issues at the virtual water cooler
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