Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a patient find me?

    Patients access the service from their browser or mobile app and choose what specialty they need. You will have a public profile within the application that talks about your background and clinical interests. Individual practices also include a business logo and custom messaging. The patient can choose you based on your profile and availability. It is listed by state so patients will only see you if you can see patients in that state.

  • What type of computer or mobile device do I need in order to practice?

    You are able to practice using a computer equipped with a web camera, microphone, and steady internet connection. You may also use our iPad app, compatible with iPad 2 and later.

  • How does documentation work?

    Providers document their visits on the American Well telehealth platform itself. The technology allows for template based documentation to streamline your workflow and allow for quick and easy completion of visit notes.

  • What resources are available to me while practicing?

    You’ll have access to the Provider Community Portal, where you can access clinical documents and policies, have discussions with other providers and get access to industry and company news.

  • Do you require malpractice insurance?

    American Well offers malpractice coverage for all clinicians practicing with Online Care Group. For clinicians offering their own individual practice or joining American Well via a medical group, your own malpractice insurance applies and should be reviewed to cover telehealth service delivery.

  • What happens in an emergency?

    It is possible that a patient may come on with an emergency. Our clinical team has a policy in place to assist you and the patient in getting care quickly. Depending on the situation, our 24/7 Network Operations team will help to activate 911, while the provider stays online with the patient.

  • What do I do if I feel someone needs to be seen in person?

    You can educate the patient on your assessment and ask them to seek in-person care, our platform also allows a patients fee to be waived in situations such as these.

  • How tech-savvy do I need to be?

    Practicing telehealth is easy! Only basic computer/mobile device skills are required to be successful, including:

    • Comfort using the Internet, including web browsers
    • Knowledge of basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word
    • Ability to maneuver an iPad or iPhone, including downloading and installing apps
  • What is the Online Care Group?

    When you apply to join our staff, you’re applying with the Online Care Group - a physician owned and operated medical practice that provides telehealth care exclusively on American Well platforms. The group consists of a Medical practice (staffed by M.D.s and D.O.s), a Behavioral Health practice (staffed by PhD’s, Psy.D’s and LCSW’s) as well as a Nutrition practice (staffed by Registered Dietitians).

  • What can I expect to make from practicing telehealth?

    Independent practitioners can choose to set their own price. Providers who join Online Care Group will be paid different rates for each specialty. One of our recruiters can discuss specifics during the application process.

  • How many patients can I expect to see?

    It can vary by day of the week, time of day, and seasonally but patients are requesting visits during all times of the day. Experienced providers will see 3-4 patients per hour.

  • What can I prescribe? What can I not prescribe?

    You can prescribe most things with the exception of any controlled substances and lifestyle medications.

  • Can I practice from other states?

    You can practice from any state but you will only be able to see patients from states you are licensed in. We require you to be in the US and do not allow you under any circumstances to practice from overseas.

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