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Telemedicine: A cure for physician burnout?

Original article posted on At the end of my daughter’s first week of preschool, she came home with a burning question: “Mom, my friend at school says that she has two days in a row when she and her mommy and daddy are all home at the same time. They call it a weekend. […]

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ATA President’s Award Winners: Pushing the needle in telehealth

Originally published on MedCity News One is a father who knew there had to be a way to remotely diagnose his daughter’s chronic ear infections. Another is a metropolitan healthcare system expanding its reach through virtual care. There are telehealth advocates working to promote the field across the country, and a team of experts spreading […]

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Employee Spotlight The People Behind the Telemedicine Platform

Name: Ian Ives Title: Visual Design Manager Start Date: December 27, 2016 What attracted you to American Well? American Well is changing the way we think about healthcare – in a revolutionary way – and I’m excited to be a part of it! For the first time, anyone with a mobile device or computer can […]

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