American Well 300 Telemed Tablet

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Connect to a pool of specialists with a mobile, durable telemed tablet equipped for speed and ease of use.

Delivering Care Where It's Needed Most

The American Well 300 Telemed Tablet brings remote providers to the patient's bedside. On-site clinicians have access to multiple provider types at the start of a consult. The 300 Telemedicine Tablet includes integrated peripherals, EMR integration, and automated image transfer.

  • Ready for Use

    Ready for Use

    Long-lasting battery and a medical-grade charging cord makes this tablet ready for immediate use. Fully equipped with a keyboard, mouse, and 22-inch display screen that allows clinicians to input data easily.

  • Image Pairing

    Image Pairing

    Pair photos before or during the visit, ensuring full clinical context at the time of care. Through the HIPAA-compliant Sidekick app, photos are transferred but not stored. Ideal for quickly sharing an x-ray or medical record, Sidekick helps providers make time-sensitive decisions.

  • Streamlined Workflow

    Streamlined Workflow

    Each tablet supports up to 12 different specialties - expanding its versatility and coverage. Determine the order in which clinicians are paged to ensure the proper escalation pathway. The 300 Telemed Tablet workflow ensures the providers understand where they are needed - and why.

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