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Telemedicine delivers quality care


Recruitment & Credentialing

While many of our providers continue to practice medicine in traditional settings, all are specifically recruited for telehealth-based care. All providers are board certified, have relevant patient care experience, and are credentialed to NCQA standards.


Training & Certification

A rigorous telehealth training program ensures providers are prepared to practice telehealth and to develop their “web-side manner”. Completion of this program results in the provider becoming certified to participate on the network. Clinical care guidelines.


Clinical Care Guidelines

Clinical protocols for common presenting acute and chronic complaints ensure adherence to standards and high-quality, consistent care. Examples include: asthma, cough, diabetes, ear pain, fever, headache, hypertension, influenza, low back pain, nausea, pinkeye, sprains/strains, smoking cessation, and incontinence.



The medical director, medical departments, quality nurse and quality care committee are responsible for monitoring care delivery. Quality is assessed using real-time consult metrics, quality care indicators, peer case review, provider quality care scorecards, and patient surveys.


Peer Review and Governance

The clinical departments and committees are responsible for ensuring quality and active management of healthcare delivery through review of flagged cases and a percentage of all cases. Peer review is overseen by the medical director, quality care committee and individual medical departments.


Operational Management & Support

A network operations center, clinical team, operations team and telephone support team provide intraday support to providers and patients. They also monitor and manage provider availability, patient wait times, and patient experience metrics.

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Online Care Group is a physician-owned medical group with a national network of U.S.-based providers that provide clinical telehealth services. Online Care Group provides clinical services via the Amwell platform to customers of American Well.  View the Online Care Group Code of Ethics here.