Introducing AW10

Telehealth that’s Time Well Spent

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A provider’s time is best used when it’s focused completely on delivering clinical care. In telehealth, this requires a more streamlined, successful visit for both the provider and patient. With AW10, providers get more cycles back through a more efficient workflow that results in seeing more patients. Patients get to see specialists through the Exchange and health systems have new opportunities to broadcast their clinical expertise. AW10 is telehealth that is Time Well Spent.

For Providers

  • Enhanced efficiency, saving providers’ time
  • Improved reimbursement so providers get paid quickly and easily

For Patients

  • Convenient, hassle-free care via a simple appointment readiness workflow
  • More informed telehealth exams through remote device integration

For Delivery Systems

  • Seamless provider workflow through EMR integration
  • Direct access to millions of consumers through the Exchange and our partnership with Samsung

Providers can:

  • Save prescription favorites and diagnoses for follow-up visits
  • Automate claims
  • Get paid quickly with payment collection taken in advance or post-visit

Patients can:

  • See a broad range of specialists through the Exchange
  • Easily browse and select providers
Delivery systems

Delivery systems can: