Multiway Video

Doctors, patients, and caregivers can all join

Multiway video breaks new ground in remote care delivery by allowing multiple doctors, patients, and caregivers to join a telehealth visit. A patient or provider can invite third parties into a video visit on web or mobile. So everyone involved in care can be part of the conversation.

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American Well Multiway Video

A ground-breaking feature for telehealth

Now both doctors and patients can invite guests to join a telehealth visit on web or mobile. With multiway video, up to 8 caregivers, family members, specialists, and others can participate in care simultaneously. Information is shared during the visit, and patients can easily share follow-up.

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Invite who you want, when you want

  • Invite up to 8 guests – from caregivers to specialists to family members
  • Ask them to join at your convenience – before or even during a visit
  • Bring in family members, health coaches, translators, or other clinicians as needed

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Make participating in a visit easy

  • No enrollment necessary – guests just download our free app or visit the website
  • Email invitations include a link that takes guests right into the visit from web or mobile
  • Regardless of how they join, guests have the same great video experience

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Provide follow-up to improve future care

  • Patients can easily share a post-visit summary in PDF and other industry-standard formats
  • After-visit summaries ensure continuity of care when patients are treated by multiple doctors
  • Send visit summaries back to the medical practice’s system of record through our suite of APIs

Multiway Video: How Can You Use It?

Unique to American Well’s platform, this game-changer puts everyone who matters in the same place—doctors, patients, and caregivers can all join the telehealth visit.

Get family and caregivers involved in care

Elderly patients can include family members and caregivers in their online video visits. Students away at college can invite parents to participate. Everyone who needs health information can participate in the visit.

Help care teams collaborate face‑to‑face

Providers can use multiway video to communicate around care plans for surgical follow-up, chronic disease management, and other complex patient conditions requiring care team coordination. Real-time face-to-face collaboration ensures that provider teams have complete understanding of all facets of patient health issues.

Offer language translation services

Language no longer has to be a barrier when the patient is not a native English speaker. The ability to bring a translator into a telehealth visit means that health systems can reach broader audiences. Employers with bilingual employees can offer a telehealth benefit that the whole workforce can use.

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American Well is the only telehealth company with technology that allows multiple participants to join a telehealth video visit. Our new multiway video functionality supports continuity of care, ensuring the best possible health outcomes for patients and the clearest communications for doctors.