Convenient, Affordable Care For Your Members

Telehealth gives your members a benefit they want, while reducing medical costs for key employer accounts. The nation’s top health plans choose American Well as their preferred telehealth partner for our ability to white label telehealth with your brand and to support unique and innovative use cases for telehealth that go beyond urgent care.

Your Service, Your Brand

Custom Services

Deliver practices under your own unique brand, and customize these practices to meet your members’ needs. Use cases can span from traditional urgent care to behavioral health, diabetes management, nurse lines, weight management and more.

Member Engagement

Eligibility and Claims

Have our best-in-class marketing services at your finger tips to help engage your members during and after launch. The Exchange gives your members access to renowned, trusted healthcare providers and allows you to offer innovative clinical programs.

Provider Network Support

Provider Network

Allow your affiliated provider groups to staff your telehealth practices to serve members, use Online Care Group physicians for your staffing needs—or do both! Many of our health plan partners use a hybrid approach, allowing their providers to treat patients during peak hours, and using our physicians for after-hours as needed.

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Americans are Ready for Telehealth

Five Steps to Offering Member-Centric Care

WEA Trust, a health plan based in Madison, Wisconsin, enrolled more than 7,000 members in telehealth and saved over $300,000. In this case study, WEA Trust reveals its five-step guide for using telehealth to offer member-centric care.

Three Ways Telehealth Implementation Drives Revenue for ACOs

Americans are ready for telehealth

Telehealth deployments differ depending on clinical initiatives, patient demographics, and location, but every telehealth initiative is capable of driving revenue.

eBook: How to Offer a Cost-Effective Employee Benefit

A health plan client shares tips for success

Find out the key steps for implementing telehealth as a benefit, as well as implementation pitfalls to avoid, from one of our health plan clients.

Build a Telehealth Program for Your Organization

Contact our sales department to learn more about our options for health plans.